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Aired: Friday January, 21, 2000

The next day Fi drags Jack along to talk to Tom Martinez.  They called the garage and had gotten his address from them.  Jack and Fi walk up to the house and knock on the door.  Fi introduces herself and her brother.  Mr. Martinez asks if there was something wrong with the bus. Fi explains that they are there because she wants to know more about his vision.  They are interrupted by the phone ringing.  As Mr. Martinez is talking on the phone, the front door is open and Fi can see inside.  She notices several fire extinguishers, and a lot of plastic covering stuff.  Mr. Martinez then comes out on the porch closing the door behind him.  He explains to them that he came here from to get away from the attention due to his “vision” .  Fi intrigued that he is from Colorado, asks where in Colorado he was from.  The man explains that he is from Hope Springs, and Fi is shocked.  She then tells Mr. Martinez that they too are from Hope Springs.  As they are talking to Mr. Martinez, Will o' the Wisp (Molly) is sitting on the banister of the porch and interrupts them talking.  Will o' the Wisp tells Jack that he thought he told him to keep Fi away from Mr. Martinez and tells him to take Fi back to the hotel.  Jack apologizes and says that Fi told him it was really important.  Jack takes Fi, who is reluctant to leave, back to the hotel.  Mr. Martinez apologizes to Molly (Will o the Wisp) saying that he didn't know that they were coming down to see him.  Will o the Wisp pretends to be Molly and tells Mr. Martinez that he knew her husband Rick Phillips.  Mr. Martinez then realizes that she is Molly Phillips.  Will o' the Wisp threatens Mr. Martinez to stay away or he will make Mr. Martinez' fears a reality. 

When Will o' the Wisp returns to the hotel,  Fi takes him into  her hotel room.  She tries to vanish him back but nothing happens.  He reminds her that they have a deal which is binding.  Until 24 hours have passed he will still have a hold of her mother's body.  Will o' the Wisp also grounds Fi to her room for the remainder of the night.  As he is leaving he draws a “x” on the door.  Will o the Wisp explains to her that the “X”, Nauthiz, is the Rune of Constraint.  If Fi tries to leave the room, he'll know.  After Will o' the Wisp leaves the room Fi tries to go out the window, but as she opens the curtains, Will o' the Wisp is out side the window.  Fi then tries to open the door.  As she opens the door, he is outside shaking his finger at her.  Then Fi gets the idea to dial the desk for help, but when she dials “0", Will o' the Wisp answers the phone.  Fi then realizes that there is no way out of the room, and collapses on her bed.


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