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Aired: Friday January, 21, 2000

That night after Molly's show, Will o' the Wisp (Molly) and Jack are backstage.  The Moffatts take the stage and Fi sits backstage watching.  As Will o' the Wisp (Molly) and Jack are talking, Will o' the Wisp is  fascinated by the music and starts to dance.  Finally resistance became futile and Will o' the Wisp ran onto the stage dancing and flailing his arms around.  The Moffatts, performing on stage, saw Molly (Will o' the Wisp) on stage an gave rather strange glances to one another wondering what she was doing on stage.  None the less, they continued to sing as Molly (Will o' the Wisp) danced around on stage riling up the crowd.  Fi, still backstage watching Will o' the Wisp wreak havoc, Carey comes in to tell her that Mr. Martinez is out back waiting to see her.  Fi quickly goes out the back and thanks Mr. Martinez for coming. Mr. Martinez tells her that he didn't come to talk to her about his vision, he came to ask her why she came to his town and why she had to take their bus into his garage.  He asks her if she is an angel of death or something.  Fi explains to him that maybe they were supposed to be there, that it was destiny.  Mr. Martinez then replies that he has his own destiny to worry about.  As he turns around to leave, Fi asks him when he pulled her father out of the car, if that's when he had his vision.  Mr. Martinez stops and turns around.  He asks her how she knew.  Fi tells him that she wasn't sure, but when she heard that he was a fireman in Hope Springs she knew.  Mr. Martinez then replies that her mother knows as well.  Fi explained to him that is not her mother, that something evil has taken over her body.  She tells him that “they” don't want her speaking to him because they don't want her to find out what really happened.  Mr. Martinez asks her who “they” are.  Just as they are talking, Will o' the Wisp knows that Mr. Martinez is there and freezes time.  He comes outside to see the two of them frozen and unfreezes them.  He reminded Fi that he warned her not to speak with Mr. Martinez.  Will o' the Wisp scares Mr. Martinez off by showing him fire, which spout out from her hand.  Mr. Martinez, frightened, runs into a nearby warehouse.  Again, Will o' the Wisp warns Fi to stay away from Mr. Martinez, but Fi disregards his warning and runs after Mr. Martinez into the warehouse.  Fi finds him in the warehouse crouched down by some barrels.  She bends down by him and asks him if there was something else that happened that he's not telling her about, but before she can get an answer Will o' the Wisp shows up.  He sets fire to the barrels which surrounds them.  Mr. Martinez' vision plays before his eyes and he is paralyzed by fear.  Will o' the Wisp tells Fi that he caused the one thing that he was trying to prevent, and calls it a “Merry little mix up.”  Fi angered with Will o' the Wisp asks  what it is that he is trying to prevent her from finding out.  He tells her that “they” pulled her father from his body before his time.  Suddenly Will o' the Wisp asks why “this body is producing water.”  Fi explains to him that Fire is hot and it burns people.  Will o' the Wisp didn't like the idea of having the body burn while he was still in it.  Will o' the Wisp then departs from Molly's body a midst the flames that leap all around them, and her body collapses to the floor.  Back at the concert everyone is unfrozen and the concert continues like nothing had happened. In the burning warehouse,  Fi screams at Mr. Martinez for help.  She pleads to him that it doesn't have to end like this and he can change his destiny. Mr. Martinez is paralyzed from the fear, until he realizes that in his vision Fi and Molly were not there.  Mr.  Martinez gets up and runs over to a large bottle of drinking water and takes it from the dispenser.  He pours the water over himself, Fi and Molly.  He grabs Molly and throws her over his shoulders .  Both of them forge their way out of the burning building just in time before the barrels which were on fire explode.  The three of them make it out of the burning building alive.  As Mr. Martinez lays Molly down, Fi asks if her mother will be all right.  Mr. Martinez reassures her that her mother will be fine. Mr. Martinez tells Fi that he will be all right too, and thanks her.  Molly awakens, coughing from the smoke inhalation.  She asks what is going on.  Fi tells her that Mr. Martinez saved them.  Molly asks what he save them from and Fi tells her that everything will be OK.

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