Welcome to the Unofficial So Weird Website. As you can see the site has been revamped. I thought it was time for a change since the new season has changed as well. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS PAGE IS NOT IN ASSOCIATION WITH SO WEIRD, ITS PRODUCERS OR ANY AFFILIATES. THIS SITE IS A FAN BASED WEBSITE.  Also I had an EXCLUSIVE interview with C. Ernst Harth who has appeared in two episodes of So Weird, and also had the privilege to work with cast members from So Weird! Find out what he has to say about So Weird, and his experience working on the set! Click Here to read it!

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This Week on So Weird - Memory - Friday News! Check it here FIRST!
Fi's investigation into Ned and Irene's inexplicable memory loss leads her to an alien spaceship crash site. Find out what happens when she pieces the clues together!   News -   7/22/01                     More News>>

I know that this site hasn't been updated in quite a while. Due to the death of my father my time has been dramatically cut short on the internet. However, I am currently updating and hope to have an update for you by next weekend!

If you were signed up to our news letter with ListBot, please resign up to our new update letter. ListBot now is a paid service, and I can no longer use it. Thanks!

NEWS: Photos, videos and links for The Great Incanto are Now up! Click here!

Next Saturday!  Website - 
When Fi visits a mysterious Website about her mother's  comeback tour, she receives a prophetic warning. Can she change the future??
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