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News -   3/23/01  

NEW!! So Weird Fan Club!! If your a fan then come join the Unofficial So Weird Fan Club! There will be contests, goodie downloads, find out when an episode will air, plus so weird news! Click here to join!! (Page will open up in new window for your convenience!)

NEWS: Papa John Phillips passes due to heart failure.  Read about it here!

To Mackenzie and Family: We are sorry to hear about your loss.  "Papa" is now in a better place where he is at peace and surrounded by love.

News -   8/13/00                                                       

NEW!! Get up close and personal with Mackenzie Phillips.  She was the focus of Lifetimes "Intimate Portrait".  Click here to find out more about that wonderful actress who plays Molly that we all love!

NEW!! Encore FINALLY aired this Saturday August 12, 2000.  Photos, Video Clips, and full song clips are available now !Click Here to view them.

News -   7/22/00                              

NEW!! Did you miss ER's repeat of Be Patient, which stars Cara DeLizia? If so, Click here to see Photos, video clips, and episode synopsis!

NEW!! The Jewel question submission has been concluded. The answers are not far behind Stay tuned!!!!


NEWS   7/17/00 

NEW!! All new totally overhauled Sound Clips from every episode aired so far! Bigger and Better than ever, so stop by and check them out!

NEWS   6/25/00 NEW!! Check out a script from third season first episode, LIGHTNING ROD.  You will ONLY Find it HERE!!

Download a Adobe Acrobat file of the Script. DOWNLOAD HERE!

NEWS - 6/16/00 - MORE NEWS

NEW!! Brink photos, and videos! Check out one of Disney's earlier Original movies staring Erik von Detten and Patrick Levis!! 

NEW!! Melissa Joan Hart to Direct So Weird Episode!!! READ HERE!!

News -  6/15/00 - More News

NEW!! So Weird Screensavers.  All include full song clips (except Cara, Patrick, and Eric's includes a full clip of Crazy by Britney Spears)!! 
Win 95-98 NT4.0
Banshee w/ The Rock  -  Download   Cara Delizia -      Download
Rebecca w/ Rebecca -    Download    Patrick Levis -    Download
Fathom w/ Origami -     Download     Eric Lively -       Download

New!! Photos for Shelter are now up . You can check those out here!

NEW!!  There is a new Unofficial So Weird Club. This is the place where you can share audio and video clips, photos, get info on what episode will air and when & Much Much more!

News -  5/23/00 - More News

Cara appeared in the last two episodes of Mad About You. Click here to view screen captures from the episode and video clips.  As an extra bonus, a home video from the ending scene has been added to the videos.  

NEW!! The Unofficial So Weird Website will soon have it's own domain! Our new domain will be!

News -  5/22/00 - More News

For some time I've been getting emails from fans telling me how much they love my site, and how the Unofficial So Weird Website is better than the official one. Many tell me that they think my site should be the official site.  So, I've decided to contact Disney and ask them if this site could be the official site, or apart of the official site.  I know that the fans want more than what the Disney site has to offer, and I have so many new ideas that I believe would help everyone involved here. So, I've made a voting booth, like a guestbook, where you can visit and speak your thoughts on this subject. When I feel we have enough votes, I'm going to send it into Disney and see what they say. Please make sure to put a valid email address incase they want to contact you for any reason.  Click here to VOTE!!

News-  5/20/00 - More News

Now you can sit down on a rainy day, or any other day and read about Fi's  So Weird Adventures!  Disney Press has released story versions of So Weird Episodes such as, Website, Sacrifice, and Shelter which has not even been viewed yet in the US!!  Check the links to where you can purchase these wonderful books!

Barns & Nobel - So Weird Disney Press Books - So Weird Disney Press Books - So Weird Disney Press Books - So Weird Disney Press Books

News -
   4/30/00   Enter the FIRST ever Unofficial Contest!!

New!! Patrick Levis stars in Disney's newest original movie, Miracle in Lane 2! View photos and video clips here! Video clips are still being updated, please be patient.  Get a behind the scenes look at So Weird!! Photos, video clips, links and sound clips, are now up for Fathom.  Click here to view them.  please visit our sister site :
The So Weird Hangout.
 NEW: Vampire Clips! Vampire has not yet aired in the US!! See it here before it's on Disney!
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