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Episode Synopsis By Andrew

Well folks, if you weren't watching NBC at about 10 pm EDT then you missed the replay
of Cara in ER.

For those of you that missed it, and would like a review, here goes.

Personal note: I REALLY dislike ER's format. 

Cara's entrance came third from when I tuned in, about 15 after 10. Andrea(Cara), and
her friend Terri (Rachel Crane), came in to see about some PRIVATE medical advice. 

After questioning Nurse Hathaway (Julianna Margulies) on hospital policy regarding
privacy; both girls launched into a apprehensive inquiry about Syphilis. Both girls
seemed terrified, not so much that they may actually have it, but that their parents would
have to be told.

While Terri's tests came back fine, Andrea's weren't. She had a human papillomavirus
(HPV). She didn't want to talk about it at first, but Nurse Hathaway managed to bring it
out. She, Terri, and many of the other girls at school had been going to "sex parties", and
had been indiscriminantly switching partners at those parties.

*commercial. 10 to 15 minutes of lollygagging.*

Nurse Hathaway had since informed Andrea that she would need to undergo a biopsy to
diagnose the HPV. But when she managed to pull herself back to Andrea's room, she was

Asking the orderly (Malik {Deezer D})where they went, she discovered that the two girls
had left, most probably fearing that Andrea would be discovered.

*scene break. More dillydallying.*

When we next see Nurse Hathaway and the two girls together, it is outside of the girls
school. But the effects she tried to hide herself from the school kids, she was discovered
by the two girls.

After following them down long enough to talk to them, she confronted them. They
quickly launched into a verbal assault, accusing her of telling Andrea's parents, and
telling the school, all the while afraid that she would be discovered. Nurse Hathaway
retreats back to the hospital, leaving the girls to continue their walk home.

*Scene break again. MORE dillydallying. *

A gurney crashes through the ambulance entrance doors. On it is Andrea, shifting
uncomfortably under the restraints imposed on her. 

The attending physician yelled for Nurse Hathaway, only a few feet away, who entered
quickly into the fray. 

Andrea's insistence that she leave her alone fell on deaf ears as doctors, nurses, and
paramedics rushed her into the ER. Terri followed soon after.

Readily giving information, Terri fell difficultly into not knowing just what drugs Andrea
had taken. Andrea only wanted to die.

But she wouldn't. The ER staff and a higher power just wouldn't let her.

*Cable cuts to weather warning*

Next scene is Andrea, sitting reclined in a hospital bed, thin green vomit trailing from
each corner of her mouth, and down onto her blue dotted hospital gown.

Her sour face became even more so as Nurse Hathaway entered. She said not a word as
Hathaway began to speak, trying her best to ignore her. 

But her expression changed ever so slightly when Hathaway revealed the truth of what
had and had not been done. She had only told the school that a student had been infected,
so that they may urge the student body to be tested. She hadn't told Andrea's parents.

"I was hoping you would."

*Fade to black, roll the credits*

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